With Miele Professional freshwater dishwashers, your dishes and glassware are ready for their close-up!

Discover the remarkable versatility and cleaning capabilities of Miele Professional freshwater dishwashers. Our unique freshwater circulation system is designed to ensure consistently high levels of cleaning performance by taking in fresh water between individual phases of a program cycle. After every load, we think you’ll agree: your dishes, glassware and silverware never looked so good!

Your advantages

Efficient and sustainable
Miele freshwater dishwashers feature reduced consumption values while providing maximum efficiency. Sustainability is reinforced throughout the product development stage, so outstanding dishwashing results are achieved by using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergent than absolutely needed.
Short program cycles
With their short cycle times, our freshwater dishwashers are the quickest Miele built-in models. Connections for hot water, intelligent dishwashing technology and a powerful heater pump ensure optimum program durations and cleaning results.
Freshwater system
Miele Professional freshwater circulation dishwashers ensure consistently high levels of cleaning performance by taking in fresh water between individual phases of a program cycle. A thorough final rinse is carried out at a temperature adjusted to the washed items, significantly exceeding commercial dishwasher hygiene requirements.
Maximum flexibility
Separate 19 ¾" x 19 ¾" plastic baskets can be used on two levels, offering maximum flexibility to clean more dishes, faster. Three spray arms allow perfect cleaning results to be achieved on both washing levels.
Senior care
Meeting hygiene demands for Senior Care

Miele freshwater dishwashers feature high throughput and short cycle times, while meeting the highest demands for cleaning quality and hygiene requirements. Whether you need the ability to wash up to 152 plates per hour, require final rinse temperatures of 185°F for maximum hygiene, or you value the ability to use glasses straight from the dishwasher without polishing, our PG 8061 dishwasher is ideal.

Freshwater Dishwashers

Ideal for Breweries

With 6-minute wash cycles, 13 programs, simple-to-use controls and highly configurable wash baskets, Miele freshwater dishwashers can handle the unique demands of any tap room! Cold rinsing for glassware using the Beer Glasses program, enhances beer froth and promotes colder serving temperatures.

Freshwater Dishwashers

Make your Winery's stemware shine

Miele Professional freshwater dishwasher are ideal for wineries, featuring special glassware programs and short cycles for high throughput environments. With a special Glassware program that offers gentle cleaning for fine stemware, maximum main wash temperatures of 122°F and AutoOpen drying, the PG 8056 can handle the unique demands of any tasting room!

Freshwater Dishwashers

Fast-casual restaurants
The solution for Fast-Casual Restaurants

Our freshwater dishwasher PG 8056 is a perfect fit for fast-casual restaurants. With 6-minute wash cycles, simple to use controls and a range of configurable baskets, including the option to accommodate 19¾" x 19¾" plastic racks on 2 levels, this dishwasher is highly adaptable, efficient and ready to handle the volume at any restaurant.

Freshwater Dishwashers

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