Spotless dish and glassware in 24 minutes!

Performance for professionals. Convenience familiar from your own home.

Today's world is moving fast - making one resource increasingly valuable: time. Our daily schedules are tightly packed, and our time is precious. The new ProfiLine dishwashers are designed to meet the high throughput demands of commercial use - combining unbeatable Miele technology from our latest Professional dishwashers with the convenience and design of our flagship domestic models.
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Durable components
ProfiLine dishwashers are tested under laboratory conditions to ensure that they last 12,500 typical cycles and are designed for up to 5 cycles per day. Components subject to heavy use are made from robust, durable materials which are put through stringent tests and are designed for continuous use in a commercial environment.
Flexible basket design
Adjustable elements and non-slip materials allow for the flexible positioning of items and offer a secure hold for dishware and cutlery for exemplary cleaning results.

  • 3D MultiFlex tray
    Thanks to height-adjustable central and side sections, the cutlery drawer now even accommodates small dishware such as espresso cups.
  • FlexCare glass holder
    The hinged glass holders with their soft silicone liners afford the best possible protection to stemware.
  • Separable row of spikes for bowls
    In the upper basket, every second spike is hinged, creating more space to perfectly accommodate more bottom plates and bowls.
Intuitive interface
All programs use intuitive sensor controls. Self-explanatory symbols and key content in plain text speed up program selection and avoid operating errors.
Exemplary hygiene
Special 'SaniWash' program achieves temperatures of 180°F | 82°C. Final rinse temperatures for selected programs can also be increased for anti-viral cleaning and the highest hygiene standards.
In The Home
Ideal for your modern home

The new ProfiLine dishwashers are engineered for heavy use in professional settings, but thoughtfully designed for the modern luxury home. Each ‘plug and play' machine comes ready for connection to the water supply – simply plug in and switch on! With an intuitive user interface, smart features and 8 programs with short cycle times, our new ProfiLine dishwashers ensure that impeccably clean dishware is ready for use again in next to no time.

At Work
Designed for heavy use

In a fast-paced workday, there isn't much time to wait for the dishwasher to finish. With ProfiLine, your dishware is ready for use again in a matter of minutes: designed to withstand the rigors of continuous commercial use, while still offering users the convenience of high-end domestic appliances. ProfiLine represents the ideal solution for all working environments with large volumes of dishes and glassware to process and little time to spare.

Spotless Results
ProCare Shine – Perfectly formulated detergents and rinse aid

The detergents and rinse aid from the ProCare Shine series were developed specifically for use in Miele dishwashers. Their special formulation guarantees ideal machine compatibility and economic efficiency, while achieving spotless results.

  • Perfect match for Miele Professional dishwashers
  • Machine compatibility endorsed
  • Top-class results with economical use of resources
  • Liquid detergent for automatic dispensing
  • Powder detergent and tablets for manual dispensing

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